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Volkswagen Golf 7 Body Kit Styling - Design by Caractere

comparison oem golf 7 to tuned mk7 golf by caractere
"World Car of the Year 2013" VW Golf Mk 7 OEM face-to-face with Caractere Track Styling: Same Planet - Different Car

image Caractere logoCaractere designs and manufactures bodykits for the Volkswagen Golf; this site has a bodykit for the Golf III by Caractere dated to 1993 - (note* as of April 2016 the Golf III package by Caractere has been discontinued and is no longer available) that goes back to the days before websites to be exact!

Caractere has been at this for a long time and designs styling kits for other German marques including Audi and Porsche. From the beginning, the company has relied on deep industry experience when it comes to design. The owner and founder, Alain Huard was at it well before 1993. That counts for a lot - passion for one's work will inevitably affect everything that follows. What has followed (and LLtek has been importing his work into North America from Europe since 1996) is consistently above-the-rest body kit styling for car enthusiasts.

The enthusiasm for quality (that's spelt with a capital Q) coupled with premium manufacturing materials, testing and certification add up to credentials that have all contributed to the creation of an impeccable reputation for fitment and durability. The VW Golf Mk 7 is a great example of engineering and the Caractere styling package will do it justice ... and then some.

Caractere and LLTeK have worked together for many many years. Our knowledge and combined experience in body kit styling is unsurpassed when tuners need to know. Call now with your questions about this styling program - LLteK can be reached toll-free in North America at 1 888 465 5835 or internationally at 001 514 733 6333 during business hours 8:30 Am - 5:00 PM ET in North America (GMT -5).
pricing listed below

parts list caractere golf 7
In addition to the parts shown in the diagram above for Caractere's Golf Mk 7 project completion - there is also a grille.
For more information or a quotation - call LLTeK toll-free 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (Eastern) 1 888 465 5835

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Caractere Parts, Pricing and Description for the Volkswagen Golf 7 - Mk7






Line 1


Front Spolier 2014>
features Contoured Intake Surrounds
front spoiler for golf mk 7 by caractere
*Not Compatible with GTI / GTD / R / R-Line




Line 2


Caractere aftermarket tuning - Front Grille for VW Golf 7
aftermarket golf mk 7 grille by caractere
*Not Compatible with GTI / GTD / R / R-Line




Line 3


Side Skirts - 2 piece set (1 Left & 1 Right)
sieskirt modification for vw golf 7
Fitment for All Models




Line 4


Rear Valance for Golf 7 + Sport Muffler Package (Specify Motor)
exhaust features all stainless steel construction
stainless steel sport muffler for golf mk 7
Not Compatible with R / R-Line / 4-Motion




Line 4a


Rear Valance Golf 7 1.2TSI / 63kw (No Exhaust Exit)

Tuners who already have an installed aftermarket exhaust - This is your choice!
Cut the exhaust port to match your exhaust system at time of installation.

Not Compatible with R / R-Line




Line 4b CARVG7-04 Rear Valance Golf 7 1.2TSI / 77kw & 1.6 TDI
Single Tip Exhaust Exit
Not Compatible with R / R-Line
PU-RIM $489
Line 4c CARVG7-05 Rear Valance Golf 7 1.4 TSI & 2.0 TDI
Double Tip Exhaust Exit
Not Compatible with R / R-Line
PU-RIM $489

Line 5


Sport Roof Spoiler (3 piece)
sport roof spoiler for golf mk 7 by caractere
Not Compatible with GTI / GTD / R / R-Line



Line 6 CARVG7-12 Rear Hatch Blend Golf 7
caractere aero smoothing hatch blend for golf 7
Fitment for All Models
PU-RIM $355


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