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FAQ: Electronic Suspension Lowering
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Plug 'n Play Suspension Lowering Modification. 2010 Audi A8 D4 shown.

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image illustration audi q7 suspension loweredWelcome to the LLTek Motorsports section addressing cars that have AIR ASSISTED SUSPENSION SYSTEMS that are driver controlled for height and adjustment. Of course, there are also automatic settings as well that adjust the height depending on speeds achieved.

The List
Listed below are many high end cars utilizing Electronic Adjustable Levelling Systems (EALS). There are obviously many advantages for this type of system. However, the one bad feature is in the inability to use traditional springs, shocks or coilovers to further lower the height of the car for both performance and enhanced looks.

What’s the point?

Why do we want to further lower height of the car? One simple reason. It just looks far better when the wheel arch opening fits snugly around the tire. The gap is gone. Lowering also reduces the car’s center of gravity which improves handling and we all want that.

Why so expensive?
These fourth generation electronic boxes, 90% of which are plug and play, are all high tech devices that communicate with the car’s electronics. Installation is about one hour and includes minor adjustments and overrides should you wish to marginally lower the car even further. Many models come with an optional wired on/off feature which basically resets the software to an off position bringing the car back to factory settings. Punching the “on” button restores the unit’s functionality. So lots of sophisticated electronics, all made-in-Germany and all TÜV-approved product. TÜV is the German government testing authority. TÜV means your product has been tested for functionality, feature set, reliability, and safety. All good stuff to know.

How much is the car lowered?
Each car manufacturer writes its own program to control ride height. In a nutshell here is how it works. In “automatic” mode and around town speeds, the car rests in its “middle range”. When the car picks up pace and reaches a predetermined speed, the car lowers to improve handling and reduce air resistance. If the car slows or stops, the car is automatically raised.

A third height position can raise the car above the around town level to clear snow, curbs, etc. There is also a jack mode when the car is being serviced. In “manual” mode you can lower the car for around town to create a better look, even at reduced speeds. However the drop is visually minor. With the EALS the lowest position drops a further 1.4 inches in the front and 1.2 inches at the rear model dependent). You can also fine tune the drop level to still lower the car further, but if lowered too much, a dash light could come on.

We do not recommend over-lowering but you can easily obtain an extra ¼ to ½ inch on a trial and error basis. Also, with the optional on/off switch you can bypass the EALS and reset back to factory levels. Just turn the switch “on” and you are back to the proprietary lowering program.

How is Plug and Play defined?
It means no wire cutting, no splicing nor mechanical work. Make the plug connections and its done. Fine turn if needed. No special tools are needed. Each box comes with all of the needed parts plus instructions.

What’s the warranty?
The manufacturer in Germany grants a 12 month warranty. However the box must be returned first for examination. Reinstallation costs, transportation costs are not covered and must be paid for. As of this date not one module has been returned for a malfunction.

What does TUV certification mean?
It means the module, its design, its electrical build, its functionality, its safety and performance have been inspected and approved by the German testing authority called TIF in Germany and TUV when translated. It’s you assurance the product is high quality and safe.

European years
The years shown conform to European model years which, in most cases, include the same models as found in North America.

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Part# MODEL YEARS Price Plug & Play Adapter On/Off Switch
HFA84H-09 (D4) A8 D4 2010 on $2555 please call  
a8 d4 facelift nav link click and view Audi A8 D4 facelift styling 2015>
IBWA84H-01 (D4) A8 D4 2010 on $2299 Included $155
IBWS84H-01 (D4) S8 D4 2013 on $2299 Included $155
click and view Audi A8 D4 styling 2010>       click and view Audi S8 D4 styling 2013>
IBWA84E-01 (D3) A8 D3 2004 to 2009 $2299 Included $155
IBWS84E-01 (D3) S8 D3 2006 to 2009 $2299 Included $155
click and view Audi A8 styling index 2004 to 2009       click and view Audi S8 styling index 2006 to 2009
IBWA84D-01 (D2) A8 D2 1994 to 2003 $1499 Not Available $155
IBWS84D-01 (D2) S8 D2 2001 to 2003 $1499 Not Available $155

IBWA74G-01 (C7) A7 4G 2010 on $2299 Included $155
IBWS74G-01 (C7) S7 4G 2013 on $2299 Included $155
IBWA64G-01 (C7) A6 4G 2012 on $2299 Included $155
IBWS64G-01 (C7) S6 4G 2013 on $2299 Included $155
IBWA64F-01 (C6) A6 4F 2005 to 2011 $1499 $277 $155
IBWQ74L-01 Q7 4L 2006 on $1899 $277 $155
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