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January 17, 2012 - eta beta Piuma wheels released

For those of us not fluent in Italian, the meaning or theme of "piuma" can be translated to English as "feather" or "plume." Take the reference to flight, lightness or any other word decoration; regardless of the interpretation or image association, the fine quality of these wheels remains the same. LLTeK has photographs of the real thing. They're brand new and shiny and sometimes they're matte black and not so shiny - just one of the options. The wheels are available the end of January and in terms of exclusivity, these wheels are at the absolute top. Look for pricing on LLTeK's eta beta wheel page here

New for 2012 - Eta Beta Piuma Wheel Models - Click for Pop-Up Enlargement.

Eta Beta has just provided LLTeK with "release" images of their new Piuma line of wheels for 2012, and naturally, the wheels come in a variety of finishes and sizes. 19's, 20's and 22's are the order of the day; see enlarged pop-up images when you click on a thumbnail. These are custom wheels and may require a short time for preparation (the bolt pattern and offset are cut when the wheels are ordered) and then there's the time required to get the wheels from Europe to North America. Order your set of Eta Beta Piuma wheels now - these exclusive wheels will be delivered to your doorstep.

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