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May 28, 2012 - Subject: Pictures from a Very Pleased Customer    :)

image - 2005 Audi A8 with aftermarket modified bumper
JE DESIGN produces a bumper lip spoiler for the A8 D3 that preserves the original front grille.
That was the subject line; Subject: Pictures from a Very Pleased Customer =]
A couple of weeks ago, LLTeK received an e-mail from Stan (out of Albany N.Y.) with pictures of his modified Audi A8 L D3. It's a rare bird and we're just as pleased as our customer to share them with you. Our thanks to Stan for sending them along.

You'll rarely see this this sandy champange color (LZ1Z) called "Platinum Beige Effect" because it was exclusive to the long wheelbase D3. Yes, this 8-year-old car's condition is superb - nice to see. We suspect it has never been and never will be subjected to the winters of upper New York State.

Update June 2013: See Stanley's machine in completion here on Facebook

image - front bumper lip spoiler

The "bolt-on" front bumper spoiler comes from Germany via JE DESIGN. It is the main set piece for the first A8 bodykit offered in North America (see LLTeK's April 2004 A8 Press release here.) Skirts (short and long wheelbase), rear valence, trunk lip spoiler and an exhaust system from JE DESIGN are still available on special order. See details and pricing for this A8 D3 Body kit here.

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