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April 12, 2010 - Unique Customs Shop Owner Drives an Audi S4 B5


This is not the first time we have published images from Matt in Michigan. He's an entrepreneur and runs a small tuning shop called Unique Customs. He has sent us images of Audis he's worked on before and we like that. We have that in common.

Usually the pictures are cars that belong to his customers - but about a month ago he sent images of his own car and it turns out to be.... an Audi. We like that a lot because it means his heart is in it.  This particular Audi S4 B5 sports a Euro plate up front from Ingolstadt (center of the universe for Audi enthusiasts) - there's got to be a story in there somewhere.

In the meantime, here are some of the pictures Matt sent which will enlarge in pop-ups - just give the thumbnail a click. If you like the Rieger styling shown - click here and view LLTeK's page dedicated to Audi B5 bodykits by Rieger which has a ton of more pictures and pricing.


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