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Audi Q5 2013 and the Standards Exemplified by Caractere

image overall audi q5 package
Published June 17, 2013 - Styling package for the Audi Q5 8R facelift by Caractere

image manufacturing credentialsThe Audi Q5, facelifted for this model year has tons of tweaks but, as per usual, as with most Audi models in mid-cycle update, the 2013 Q5 has only a few visual cues that would probably be lost on the casual observer anyway.

The LED / DRL array is tightened up - gone are the big dot lights, but the real tell is in the grille. The styling cue that is cutting its way across the lineup is "squared shoulders" on the grille and the trend towards distinct angles continues. Caractere is right in the channel and presents impeccably - once again.

LLTek is pleased to introduce body kit design and manufacture from Caractere that continues to express the German car equation: quality + price + value = satisfaction. Caractere carries the credentials that provide "No-Surprise" modification projects.

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Parts Pricing for the 2013 facelift Audi Q5 Widebody Styling Kit by Caractere Here

image  styling components chart

As illustrated above the 2013 Q5 facelift kit (direct from Europe) is comprised of:

image q5 by caractere

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