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April 24, 2012 - Sideskirt Styling for the Audi A4 / S4 B8 and Audi A5 / S5 B8

image 2012 sideskirts for audi s5
All new sideskirt styling for the Audi B8 - Rieger S5 shown above (OEM RS5 grille incorporated.)

Rieger slams down another winning hand with the release of new sideskirt styling for 2012. The rollout currently covers the B8 chasis only, but nonetheless, large numbers of tuning enthusiasts in possession of A4, S4, A5, and S5 will be taking a close look. Here at LLTeK, we've watched the evolution of this key bodykit component since 1996 when the Rieger "infinity" style sideskirt was released for the Audi B5. This sports blade inspiration and fourth generation piece will enjoy the same staying power as the originals.

Tuning enthusiasts restoring B5s continue to purchase the "infinity" twisted sideskirt because the styling still holds up. However it has been our experience that owners of the most recent models seem to have a hunger for the most evolved. Now they're here. The skirts are manufactured in-house in Bavaria not far from the Austrian border (the picture above shows the car on an airstrip with the factory just a short short distance off in the background.) The material used is ABS... it produces parts with precision and high durability; it holds paint well and in this case it comes with the Rieger name on it. Manufacturing standards recognised world-wide.

Rieger bodykit styling for the Audi A4 B8

Rieger bodykit styling for the Audi S4 B8

Rieger Bodykit Styling for the Audi A5 B8

Rieger Bodykit Styling for the Audi S5 B8

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