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Body Kit Styling for the facelift Audi S5 B8 2013 and on

impeccable s5 styling
A distinguished sports modification package from Caractere for the coupe and cabriolet.

This Belgian tuner has consistently produced body kit styling modifications of the first order. The quality and credentials are recognised worldwide because no corners are cut, no substitutions are made and reasonable facsimiles will not now, will not ever - make the grade; you have found the caliber you demand for your Audi and LLTeK will deliver to your door.

These motorsports products are designed by professionals with decades of experience (more than they would care to admit) - the parts themselves are manufactured under strict internationally accredited practices and then tested by government agency for approval. The benefits are summed up by zero surprise from the outset, quality, and durability over the life of your vehicle. You can request more information or pose questions by e-mail.

Here are the tuning parts / kit offered:
kit components diagram

pricing table  scroll down

As illustrated the 2013 S5 B8 facelift kit (direct from Europe) consists of:

cabriolet on track

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Facelift Body Kit Price Schedule
Caractere S5 Coupe & Cabriolet

line# part# description composition price
1 CARA58T3-31 (B8) Front Bumper (Includes New Fog Lights)
For vehicles WITH or WITHOUT Headlight Washers WITH or WITHOUT Parking Sensors*
PU-RIM $1839
1B CARA58T3-44(B8) REQ Module for Bumpers with Adaptive Cruise Control   $316
*Note: For S5, you must purchase A5 headlamp covers separately from your local Audi dealer.

s5 front bumper detail

image - LLTeK branding badgeimage - RS badgeimage RS badge with backplate
Ask about your options in badges!

Quantum RS Facelift Grilles
Order Your Grille Today!
G1 XST-A58T(B8) FL GBK Front Grill - Gloss Piano Black Finish
ABS $699

aftermarket rs grille

Rings integrated

Click on Grille and View Enlarged Pop-up Image Version

Grille price includes optional install Euro-spec license plate mount and badge

Call LLTEK! Toll-Free in North America 1 888 465 5835 / 1 888 GO LLTEK
Business Hours 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday (GMT -5:00

OEM RS Conversion Grilles for the 2013 > Audi A5 B8 8T

oem rs5 grille

Line ID Product# Description Material Price
G2 RIEA58T-910 (B8) FL Audi RS5 Front Grille Gun Metal
Requires RIEA58T-913 (B8) FL Form Core
OEM $1722
G3 RIEA58T-911 (B8) FL Audi RS5 Front Grille Gloss Black
Requires RIEA58T-913 (B8) FL Form Core
OEM $1722
G4 RIEA58T-912 (B8) FL Parking Sensor Grille Adaptors / Holders
( only required for models with front bumper PDC )
OEM $99
G5 RIEA58T-913 (B8) FL RS5 Front Grille Foam Core
Required upgrade for OEM RS5 Grille RIEA58T-910/911 (B8) FL
OEM $99
G6 RIEA58T-52 (B8) RS Grille License Plate Holder Gloss Black (euro-style) OEM $188
2 CARA58T3-32 (B8) Side Skirts (paired - left and right) PU-RIM $922
body kit full profile
3 CARA58T-12 (B8) Rear Wing
(Not for Cabriolet)
PU-RIM $557
trunk lip spoiler

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4 CARA58T3-43 (B8) Rear Insert
fitment for 2 Tips Left + 2 Tips Right
PU-RIM $1022
insert for quad tip exhaust

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