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Rieger DFS Spoiler / Wing - Styling for the Audi A5 S5 (B8)

first published August 15, 2011

The DFS-5 from Rieger fits A5 and S5 including S-Line models but will not go on the Sportback or RS5.
Call with your questions and get a quotation in writing.

pop-up image - rieger a5 s5 DFS spoiler number 4The photo at right and 3 others below were taken in the Rieger Tuning showroom - a large bright space containing a collection of cars that have been modified and kept for posterity over the years.

This latest addition features a styling spoiler designed and manufactured at Rieger’s factory in Germany. It can’t be compared to anything you’ll see in DTM competition or out on the Le Mans, but it will put the speed &  track edge look on your Audi A5 or S5.

This tuning accessory is a permanent bolt-on modification that will provide an agressive finish; however, the scale and proportion is evenly matched to your Audi’s lines. Your car will retain its design integrity. BTW, Rieger celebrates 25 years of tuning experience in 2012!

pop-up image - rieger a5 s5 DFS spoiler number 3 pop-up image - rieger a5 s5 DFS spoiler number 2 pop-up image - rieger a5 s5 DFS spoiler number 5

Click on an image and view an enlarged pop-up version of these photographs.

Part# Description Composition Paint Code Price
RIEA58T-38 Rieger Spoiler for the Audi A5 Audi S5
All mounting hardware included
Urethane CC $877
  • Fitment for Audi A5 Coupe, Cabriolet and S-Line
  • Fitment for Audi S5 Coupe, Cabriolet
  • Rieger DFS spoiler not compatible with Audi Sportback or RS5

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