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RS Styling or S8 Performance: Why Not Both?

oem factory styling compared to hofele sr8
Hofele RS bodykit styling (left) for the Audi S8 D4 (right) - click slideshow links directly below for larger images and visual detail.

It's not just a black&white or run-of-the-mill question; there's definitely no easy answer as to why Audi's designers pack many of their cars (the S8 in particular - R8 as an exception) into such understated envelopes. This is often styling that bears no resemblance to the advanced engineering or driving experience the cars are capable of. This is not a criticism of the OEM design, just an observation. Regardless, we're more than pleased they have not assigned responsibility for the A8 / S8 design over to their cousins at Lamborghini.
Why? ... because LLTeK provides German car owners with the shortest problem-free distance from OEM design to the modified look of the performance car they purchased. Here at LLTeK, we know firsthand that certain Audi owners believe these cars have lines that are so conservative, they are virtually begging to be modified. Yes, we modify. No, begging is verboten.

This "wrap" modification from Hofele Design GbmH (besides the font bumper, valence, and spoiler) includes an offering of carbon fiber mirror housings, electronic suspension lowering and an array of wheels. Call for a quotation in writing today. In North America call toll-free 1 888 465 5835 --- International 001 514 733 6333. Business hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST - International calls are -5:00 GMT.

aftermarket grille audi a8 d4

Base Grill



Gloss Black Frame with Gloss Black Mesh 2015>



EXA84H-02 PFL CHGBK S8 D4 4H before facelift - RS Grill Chrome Frame with Gloss Black Mesh 10>14 $122
EXA84H-03 PFL SILGBK S8 D4 4H before facelift - RS Grill RS Silver Frame with Gloss Black Mesh 10>14 $144
EXA84H-04 PFL NV S8 D4 4H before facelift - RS Grill Night Vision Camera Mount 10>14 $122
EXA84H-05 PFL CAM S8 D4 4H before facelift - RS Grill Front Parking Camera Mount 10>14 $122
EXA84H-06 PFL PDC S8 D4 4H before facelift - RS Grill Front Parking Sensor Mounts (2) 10>14 $88
CDB-AURING-MED-BLK Audi Rings Gloss Black - Exchange $88
CDB-QUATTRO Quattro Logo $88
EXA84H-07 PFL FR GBK S8 D4 4H before facelift - RS Grill Front Lower Frame Gloss Black 10>14 $344
EXA84H-08 PFL FR SIL S8 D4 4H before facelift - RS Grill Front Lower Frame RS Silver 10>14 $344
DL-LOGO182CH RS8 CHR RS8 Logo Chrome $88
DL-LOGO182GL RS8 BLK RS8 Logo Gloss Black $88

a8 s8 rs grille

audi a8 with aftermarket styling grille
Our thanks to Dave for sending these images of the project completed.

Click on any image for an enlarged pop-up version.

image nav - click and view images from germany

click and view  completedaudi a8 s8 project in New York
  • RS Front Bumper Styling
  • Accomodates Original OEM Grille
  • Integrated OEM RS5 Mesh and Lamellas
  • RS Rear Valence - Designed for Quad Tip Sports Muffler
  • Diffusor Option for MatchPaint or Carbon Fiber
  • Mirror Housings in Carbon Fiber
  • SR 8 ETS Speed-Activated Suspension Lowering (Front & Rear)
  • 10J Wheels in 20” up to 22”
  • RS Trunk Lip Spoiler
  • The Hofele SR8 Styling Ensemble - Parts, Options and Pricing

    Line# Part# Part Description Composition Price
    Line #1 HFA84H-01 (D4)
    Front Bumper
    For vehicles with or without parking sensors
    Requires HFGRILL-8752 for vehicles without ACC or Night-Vision options
    Requires HFGRILL-8752-ACC for vehicles with ACC and/or Night-Vision options

    Hi-Performance Glass Fiber $2999
    Line #2 HFA84H-02 (D4) TUV
    SR-8- Front Bumper 10>
    Only required for shipment to EU countries that require TUV approval
    (not required in North America)

    image - Hofele bumper for the Audi A8 D4 2010 and on
    Line #3 HFGRILL-8752
    AUDI RS Left & Right Lower Intake Grills

    OEM Modified $376
    Line #4 HFGRILL-8752 ACC
    AUDI RS5 Left & Right Lower Intake Grills - ACC/NV Option
    Required for vehicles with ACC and/or Night-Vision options

    OEM Modified $588
    Line #5 HFA84H-03 (D4) Rear Valance 10>
    Replaces the original rear valance
    Center diffuser section is removable
    Exhaust openings compatible with HFA84H-06 or 07
    Center section contrast paint option code CC

    Hi-Performance Glass Fiber $2244
    Line #6 HFA84H-03 (D4) CF
    Rear Valance With Carbon Fiber Center 10>
    Replaces the original rear valance
    Central diffusor in Carbon Fiber with multiple layers of hi-gloss clear coat
    Exhaust openings compatible with HFA84H-06 or 07

    Hi-Performance Glass Fiber/Carbon Fiber $3611
    image hofele rear valence styling for the Audi A8 D4
    Line #7 HFA84H-04 (D4)
    A84H(D4) Lower Door Blades (SWB Only) 10>

    Urethane $817
    Line #8 HFA84H-05 (D4) Rear Wing 10> Hi-Performance Glass Fiber $1133
    image  - hofele full profile styling for the Audi A8 D4
    Line #9 HFA84H-05 (D4) CF Rear Wing Carbon Fiber Accented 10> Carbon Fiber $1911

    Update September 14, 2012 - Mark was in Europe for the show in Frankfurt last week and after the show, he stopped by Hofele. A D4 (SR8) was in the showroom and he was surprised when he saw the D4 trunk lip spoiler as shown to the left. This snapshot came off his iPhone and it illustrates a fine point that has been clarified in the description above. The carbon fiber in the spoiler is an accent as opposed to being the material of manufacture.

    We have a request in for better images - and will publish when we receive them.

    Line #10 HFA84H-06 (D4)
    Quad Exhaust Tips 10>
    Weld-On / Compatible with all gas and diesel engines

    Stainless Steel $1199
    Line #11 HFA84H-07 (D4)
    Sport Mufflers with Quad Exhaust Tips 10>
    Weld-On / Specify motor when ordering

    Stainless Steel $3544
    Line #12 HFA84H-08 (D4)
    Mirrors Heads Carbon Fiber10>
    Replaces original mirror housing - Internals must be transferred
    hi-gloss multi-layered clear coat finish

    Carbon Fiber $2133
    image -  electronic suspension lowering device
    Click and View More Detail on Audi Suspension Lowering

    Line #13 IBWS84H-01 (D4))
    Lowering Module 10>
    Only for vehicles with air suspension
    Lowering 40mm front and 30mm rear
    +/- 20mm fine adjustment after installation

    image - rear view of Audi A8 D4 bodykit by Hofele
    image - contact information

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