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Lighting Upgrades and Tuning Accessories for the Audi A6 C5

Each image next to descriptive text will lead to an LLTEK site page with lighting modifications or upgrades that come from all over the globe specifically sourced out for your Audi. An LLTEK Rep will field any questions you may have regarding compatibility, installation or availability.

HID Xenon Upgrade Conversion Kits

Click and View Serious Vision HID Conversion Upgrades LLTEK Motorsports stocks a very new, safe and easy to install HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting system primarily aimed for the conversion and upgrade of halogen lighting systems found on Audi automobiles.

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A6 Headlamps and Options

Click and View Lighting Options for the Audi A6 LLTEK's headlamp upgrade is the Euro Spec Projector with clear turn signal (Version 2 pre-Facelift 2.8 and 2.7T). See how easy it is to give your car's style a quick boost - plus lighting performance - with a choice of LLTEK's Xenon or Halogen Headlamp systems manufactured to European specification.

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A6 4B Tail Lights and Accent Options

Click and View the A6 Tail Lights and Accents Page Click and view the A6 Tail Lights and A6 Tail Light Accents Page. LLTeK offers stylish Tail Light Housings - your choice of Smoked or Clear. Find Masks for your Audi A6 4B - one of many quick and simple upgrades.

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