$1.00 Big Bumper Bonus Page - What do I get for a buck? - Choose below!
Thank you for visiting our LED / DRL lighting Bonus page. We believe our ONE DOLLAR LED
 PROGRAM is very innovative, very exciting and very rewarding. LLTek has created a ground
-breaking incentive program to give you, the Audi enthusiast, true extra value (and BMW,
 Mercedes, Porsche and VW enthusiasts are included as well). There are 2 LED
 programs and each LED product interfaces with a corresponding styling upgrade program.

TYPE #1 - LED Add-on for Headlights

Owners of All Audi, VW, BMW, Porsche And Benz Cars

For those Audi enthusiasts who do not want to change their headlights or cannot change their headlights for whatever the reason, here is an easy and excellent way to give your car the current Audi LED look and for all of one dollar.

This is a simple modification that is flexible and can be adapted to your headlights in whatever way you chose. No need to locate them under your headlights as seen at right - be as creative as you want in their use.

Details on Add-on LEDs for all models Bonus here
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TYPE #2 - LEDs for Lower Grills

Owners of All Audi, VW, BMW, Porsche And Benz Cars

For those Audi enthusiasts who want to create the LED look in their lower bumper, we have the perfect product. For two years LLTek has supplied an LED kit in various RS4 upgrades at a cost of $444. But wait until you see the LED deal we can offer when you purchase your front bumper or spoiler from LLTeK.  Yes, can you say �one dollar�?

There are two sizes of this product. The larger version is 9.75� and the smaller version is 7.50� with both having two rows of LEDs per unit - the larger has 2 x 10 (20 LEDs) and the smaller has 2 x 9 (18 LEDs).  Spacing between each row of LEDs is one (1) inch.  A unique bracket system is also supplied, although glue bonding along the top surface of the LED can be used to solve unusual fitting issues. In general, LLTeK supplies the larger LED unless the fitfitment in the product you have purchased is very tight.  And yes, you do get a set for your additional �one dollar�.

Details on the Audi All Models Big Bumper Bonus Here
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Audi A8 LED / DRL Upgrade

For Owners of the Audi A8 D3 and Audi S8 D3 only.

This high performance LED design is super bright. The LED housing is curved and is 20 inches long. It has a cosmetic lower section and as a device it's very large at 20 x 5 x 2.2 high.  When our designers developed their world famous A8 D3 Pre-Facelift and Facelift RS conversion and upgrade bumpers, they used the Audi S6 LEDs as the focal point in the design. With some clever styling, the designers smoothly integrated the LEDs into their bumper.  The conversion look is amazing.  Now is the time to take advantage of this big bumper promotion.

Details on the Audi A8 S8 lighting upgrade are Here
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Click and View A8 S8 Flagship Upgrade Information Page

1. The program is open for a limited time only.
It is subject to availability, change, cancellation or withdrawal.
Having stated that, we nonetheless do anticipate a long time program.

2. Installation, connection and usage are your responsibility.
  LLTek's obligation is to provide guidance only.

3. There is no warranty on one dollar items.
That being said, LED products are very durable and last a very long time.
We have not experienced any problem with these LED products.
LLTek will do a turn-on benchtest before any product leaves our product facility.

4. You need to ask for your LED product to receive it.
However, in the general sense, LLTek will introduce the program to you.

5. The LED products are one dollar depending on the product you purchase.
No attempt has been made to build in the cost of the LED into the selling
price of the product.  In other words, no price changes were made
to account for the cost of the LED product.

6. You may choose only one (1) LED product for the grand total of one dollar.
And, need we say one dollar always buys you a set.

7. And yes, there is a condition to receive the one dollar LED product.
Purchase of a front end styling product is necessary in order to qualify.
 Accepted categories are front bumpers, front valences, front spoilers.
 All makes of cars are included.
Summary: upon purchase state your preference - - -
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Type #1
LED / DRL add-on for headlights Bonus
Any front bumper, front valence, front spoiler

Type #2
LED  / DRL for lower grills Bonus
Any front bumper, front valence, front spoiler

Option #3
LED/DRL for the Audi A8 or S8 D3

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