Body Kit Styling for the Audi Q5 FY 2018>

wide body q5 styling

Styling German Cars with Injection Molded Parts

image badgeLLTeK's Euro supplier has produced body kit modifications with (PURIM) tippy-top of the line materials forever! The precision and durability of aftermarket tuning parts manufactured with the same materials as your OEM parts maintain the quality standards your machine merits. Why would anyone put inferior material on an AUDI? The care taken in the CAD design means nothing is "eye-balled"; measurement is made in millimeters. Drop your Q5 and parts at the shop and pick up your new machine ready to rock. This modification is not a display item, it is meant to withstand the rigors of a "daily driver." All in, the components are front bumper (with options for Adaptive Cruise Control and Park Assist), rear valance (with integrated exhaust tips), RS grill, roof spoiler, wheel arches to bulk it up, and CW wheels in 20" or 22" sizes. This tuning ensemble is delivered to your door, in boxes that are tarmac-ready; your parts are hand-packed with bubblewrap, foam chips, and air bags - we ship worldwide!

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Simplifying the Process

One call and your Audi Q5 is one step closer to style changes you can be proud of and count on for quality - worthy of your Audi; call with your questions and speak with a real person who knows these products! Get the ins and outs on a project for your vehicle and get all details confirmed via e-mail followup. If time zone differences (LLTeK business hours are 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM ET) are an obstacle - click the link below and communicate via e-mail. Get your questions answered and your pricing in writing.
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Request Info on Wide-Body Styling for Audi Q5 FY

q5 bumper,grill, and valance compared
complete q5 styling - front and rear
This styling option for the Audi Q5 FY is compatible with both Q5 and Q5 S-line.

q5 styling - global
Full Profile view featuring wheel arch extensions and 22" CW's - Released May 23, 2019

rs grille styling

Gamechanger - Best Value Modification - Yours for $699

Q5 FY Tuning Options

Compatible with Audi Q5 FY S-Line

bumper part description

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  • Q5 FY and S-Line Front Bumper 2018>
  • Part# CARQ5FY(80A)-01
  • Adaptive Cruise Control requires CARQ5FY(80A)-02 ACC
  • Park Assist requires CARQ5FY(80A)-03 PA
  • Component material - PURIM
  • Part# CARQ5FY(80A)-01
  • Price - $2599
q76 roof spoiler

Cruise Control Accessory Kit

  • Adaptive Cruise Control Option
  • CARQ5FY(80A)-02 ACC
    No image for accessory
  • Price - $188
mid-line spoiler

Accessory Kit Park Assist

  • Park Assist Option
  • Part# CARQ5FY(80A)-03 PA
    No image for accessory
  • Price - $188

Q5 FY Options cont'd

Compatible with Audi Q5 FY S-Line

honeycomb grill

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  • Q5 FY Front Grill 2018> (Incl. S-Line)
  • Component material - ABS
  • Compatable with Front Parking Sensors and Front Camera
  • Part# CARQ5FY(80A)-06
  • Price - $699
bolt-on rear valance

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  • Rear Valance With Integrated Exhaust Tips 2018>
    (Incl. S-Line)
  • Tow Bar requires Accessory
  • Component material - PURIM
  • Part# CARQ5FY(80A)-04
  • Price - $2399
custom quad exhaust tips

Tow Bar Accessory Kit

  • Rear Valance Kit Option
  • Part# CARQ5FY(80A)-05 TOW
    No image for accessory
  • Price - $188

Q5 FY Options cont'd

Compatible with Audi Q5 FY S-Line

q5 2018 roof spoiler

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  • Roof Spoiler 2018>
  • Component material - Urethane
  • Part# CARQ5FY(80A)-07
  • Price - $788
wheel upgrade parts

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  • Wheel Arch Extenders 2018>
    Fitment in combination with Front Bumper Only
  • Component material - Purim
  • Part# CARQ5FY(80A)-08
  • Price - $1699
  • Park Assist requires Accessory
    CARQ5FY(80A)-09 PA - $277
wheel upgrade parts

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  • CW wheels available:
    graphite or silver finish
  • Q5 fitment 9x20
  • Q5 fitment 9.5x21
  • Q5 fitment 10x22
  • Caractere Wheels HERE

Q5 EASY Add-Ons

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