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rs grille - before & after

From: Michael S. [mailto:***********]
Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2016 2:42 PM
To: Mark
Subject: Re: FW:

Hi Mark, the new grill for my A8 is now painted and installed. I did not cut out the center areas of the fog light grills as the blades on both sides of the grills need to be retained. I instead painted the fog light grills gloss black and relocated the license plate to the right side. Everyone loves the looks of the new grill. It's taken a classy looking car and transformed it into a luxury sports car.
Thanks, it was a great purchase, l received it one day after l ordered it, and the fitment was good. I did pre-drill the new mounting holes as the first self tapping screws snapped off.
I've include a couple of the pre and post pic's.

Thanks again!!!

Michael S.

"The Gamechanger" for A8 / S8 D3 2006-2010 Cars
A Great Grille Upgrade

Body Kit Styling for the Audi S8 D3 by CarbonTEK

image - Audi S8 Carbon Fiber hood installed
This match set of front lip spoilers, a stunning hood, trunk deck spoiler and exhaust diffusor in carbon fiber for the Audi S8 D3 announces the arrival of unique aftermarket body kit styling. The Audi S8 D3 is already considered a rare bird, but when presented with these exclusive styling upgrades - it immediately passes into the rarefied realm of exotic. None of these pieces are held in stock - each is a custom order and will be produced by hand for your Audi S8.

The table below features additional images of these Audi S8 D3 parts and pricing (none of this is inexpensive) to give you an idea of how to get there from here. LLTeK will see that your order is packed in its own special shipping container and arrives at your door in perfect condition - ready to install. An LLTeK sales Rep will answer any questions concerning your Audi S8 carbon fiber upgrade.
Call now toll-free in North America 1 888 465 5835 or International at 001 514 733 6333

LLTeK_one_dollar_BBB_promo2_xx $1 + 1 Bumper = LEDs a8_s8_d3_drl_320

Bonus LED / DRL Lighting option for $1.00 - Buy a front bumper upgrade and the lighting option is yours!
Click here for Audi LED / DRL Lighting Details

Schedule for Carbon Fiber Body Kit Parts for the Audi S8 D3

Line# Part# Part Description Price
LINE#1 MP-AS8EGB100 AUDI S8 Front Hood Carbon Fiber $7999

Line#2 MP-AS8FSL100 AUDI S8 Front Lip Spoiler Carbon Fiber (2pcs) $1433

Line#3 MP-AS8HDF100 AUDI S8 Rear Bumper Diffusor Carbon Fiber $2344
Line#4 MP-AS8TS0000 AUDI S8 Rear Wing Carbon Fiber $1666
Line#5 EXA84E-03 (D3)
S8 D3 Audi Roof Spoiler - ST version - Roofline Extension Approximately 4 inches / 10 centimetres
MatchPaint Code DD
EXA84E-04 (D3) S8 D3 Audi Roof Spoiler - ST version - in Carbon Fiber $599
Line#5A EXA84E-01 (D3)
S8 D3 Audi Roof Spoiler - XT version - Roofline Extension Approximately 6 inches / 15 centimetres
MatchPaint Code DD
EXA84E-02 (D3) S8 D3 Audi Roof Spoiler - XT version in Carbon Fiber $599
Line#6 JEA84E-02 (D3) SWB Left and Right Set of Sideskirts - (short wheel base) By JE - MatchPaint Code CCx2 $1111
Line#7 Quad Tip Exhaust with round staggered tips for Audi S8 5.2 V10 (D3)
LINE# 7a
SPS022 766 812
Audi S8 5.2Q front connecting pipes
LINE# 7b
SPS022 766 803
Audi S8 5.2Q center resonator
Choose between system option 803 (resonator - above) or option 813 (x-pipes below ) *** Only one or the other of these two items is required
LINE# 7c
SPS022 766 813
Audi S8 5.2Q x-pipes

LINE# 7d
SPS022 766 826
Audi S8 5.2Q- Sport Muffler (left) with 2x100mm Round Tips
LINE# 7e
SPS022 766 846
Audi S8 5.2Q- Sport Muffler (right) with 2x100mm Round Tips

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Audi A8 D3 - Audi S8 D3 Roof Spoiler
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Sideskirts for the Audi S8 D3
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More Body Kit Styling for Audi S8 D3


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