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Rieger body kit styling index for 3 series BMW
E90 sedan, E92 coupe and E93 cabrio

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Welcome to LLTeK’s 3 Series BMW E90 body kit styling index.

The BMW E90 series replaced the 3 series E46 in 2005 (North American model 2006) and is expected to run until 2012 at which time the “F30” series is strongly rumored to make its debut. There are 4 categories within the E90 grouping that include the sedan (saloon) E90, coupe (two-door) E92, coupe/cabriolet (convertible)E93 and touring (estate/station wagon) E91. LLTek offers the Rieger styling program for all except the Touring E91 model. Enthusiasts can choose and personalize from a wide array of body kit options to modify the appearance and performance of this world class car with world class product.  Pictures, descriptions and pricing of aftermarket bumpers, spoilers, skirts, wings and wheels are a click away.

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image - OEM BMW 3 series E903 series E90 sedan 2006-2009:

Rieger Tuning offers the best in choice for  bumper upgrades.  Sideskirts and rear valence exhaust configurations also translate into choice. Ask about Rieger parts for BMW that feature the “carbon look” and LLTeK MatchPaint professional paint service - parts shipped to your door - ready to install.
BMW 3 series E90 sedan by Rieger

Fact: 2005 - 230,000 3 Series (give or take) sold in one year
Bestselling entry-level luxury automobile in North America ever

image - OEM BMW 3 Series E92 LCI / facelift3 series E92 coupe 2010 and on:

The 2-door coupe is no longer a version of the sedan despite some similarities in appearance. Rieger has taken all of this into account and there is no guessing, wishing or hoping -  LLTeK endorses Rieger's diligence and their approach to modifying fine German cars. Get a quotation for your project by e-mail
BMW 3 series LCI E92 coupe by Rieger

image - OEM BMW 3 Series E923 series E92 coupe  2006 - 2009:

The coupe made it to North America in August of 2006 as a 2007 model - one year after after the sedan made its debut. LLTeK offers an extensive range of options for this machine including trunk spoilers, carbon fiber mirror shells, front lip splitters - all in addition to skirts and bumpers.
BMW 3 series E92 coupe by Rieger
BMW uses the the acronym “LCI” (Life Cycle Impulse) to indicate styling changes that are usually cosmetic or facelift.

Side-by-side reference also reveals LED “angel eyes” and a slight widening the of the classic kidney grille work.
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Custom Wheels for the BMW
Custom Wheels
for BMW
oem_bmw_e93_LCI_cabrio_nav_xx3 series E93 cabrio 2010 and on:

The hardtop with a retractable roof which is considered to be “best in class” was refreshed or facelifted in March 2010 with changes to front and rear bumpers, grille width plus LED lighting front and rear - Rieger has a bodykit for this car that more than merits your consideration. See link below.
BMW 3 series LCI E93 cabrio by Rieger

image - OEM BMW 3 series E933 series E93 cabrio 2007-2010:

The BMW cabriolet has more in common with the coupe than the sedan and in the current 3 series, the droptop is more expensive than either. Click on the link below  and see what’s possible when Rieger tunes a fine car like the BMW cabriolet. Direct from Germany to meet your expectations.
BMW 3 series E93 cabrio by Rieger

Note: BMW E93 cabriolets now feature folding aluminum hardtops; the traditional fabric and frame soft top is history.

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